Trading for the Playoffs - Freeman/Olsen

My team is as follows: Alex Smith, Brandin Cooks, Michael Crabtree, Zeke, Crowell, ASJ, Adam Theilen.
Bench: Kenyan Drake, Robby Anderson, Bilal Powell, CJ Anderson, Alfred Morris

I’m currently in first place and looking to make a trade for a stronger playoff run, I’m hurting in the RB2 department.
I’m talking to someone about trading for Freeman or for Greg Olsen, both seem risky to me. Do you think I should package a WR/RB (Probably Theilen and Crowell, or maybe Cooks straight up) for Devanta Freeman, or pay less for a possible late season run with Greg Olsen as Carolina’s top receiver? (Is it even worth replacing ASJ?)

Appreciate the help!