Trading for the Playoffs

Sending TY Hilton, Devante Parker, and Demarco Murray for Julio Jones, CJ Anderson, and Charcandrick West.

My current team: Hilton, D. Thomas, D. Parker, M. Crabtree, D. Murray, D. Johnson (IR), K. Hunt, M. Mack, A. Morris; 4-2 record

His team: J. Jones, R. Matthews, D. Funchess, C. Anderson, C. West, T. Cohen, L. Bell, C. Ivory; 1-5 record

Full PPR league. I’m looking towards the playoffs (hopefully…). Does this look like a good trade offer?

I wouldnt do that trade man

You wouldn’t offer it or wouldn’t accept it? Thanks for the response, by the way!

Yeah no prob, I would rather have the t.y., parker, and demarco side of that trade. Charcandrick west really isnt fantasy relevant in my opinion, plus hes injured. Cj anderson is very hit or miss so I think he would be a pretty big downgrade from demarco whereas I think t.y. is only a slight downgrade from julio as of right now.

My biggest draws to the trade were Julio’s remaining schedule vs TY’s, and getting West was mostly because I own Hunt and I’d like the handcuff. But I see your point, for sure. Just nervous that Luck won’t come back or Murray will get a full split with Henry. None of it excites me at the moment

Yeah bro dont count on luck coming back. I’m a colts fan and its not looking good at all for him as of right now. But the good news is T.y. has had multiple great performances with jacoby brissett this year already. Also I dont think murray gets the full split with henry

I might see if I can trade Parker or Thomas for Julio instead, try to hold TY and Murray for now. Thanks for the input, as a fellow Colts fan I feel the struggle without Luck… it’s been a rough few seasons

Yeah it has. Idk if you know who zak keefer is or not but if you don’t hes one of the main beat writers for the colts and on twitter he said from what he heard today he wouldnt be surprised if luck missed the rest of the 2017 season

It’s that uncertainty that makes me want to trade TY away, but the price isn’t stellar. Besides that, the reports on his home/road splits aren’t great, especially since they only have 4 home games left (in fantasy season), including against Jax, Pitt, and Denver. Not a great looking run for ROS