Trading for Tyreek Hill!?

I was looking to add Tyreek to my team
I was going to offer the owner Watkins and Josh Gordon for Hill

My other WRs are Hopkins Diggs MeCole and McLaurin
My RBs are Chubb Carson Fournette and Sanders

Do you think the trade would be a good one to make hoping Hill comes back sooner rather than later?
Thanks for the help in advance guys!

Is this a 10 team league? PPR? You have plenty of depth, I would most likely go for it.

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Yes, 10 team ppr do you think it’s a pretty fair trade or do you think it’s a bit unfair to one side? @carl_dewberry

10 team leagues are tough, most everyone has a solid team that can blow up any given week. This is why if you’re situated well in wins so far after 3 weeks, I would do this trade. Having McLaurin who seems like a top 25 WR going forward is clutch.

It seems fair for what you’re getting. I am not sure how they would feel. Depends on if the assets are valuable to their team/plans or if they have started off poorly in the wins department.

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@carl_dewberry he’s pretty thin at WR I feel like the offer might be one he’s like and hopefully accept

Also I offered the same two players for Obj rather have Hill or Odell? @quintana22

Id rather have Odell then Hill right now because Hill is not playing, but the offensive line in clevelnd is abysmal and Mayfield doesnt have time to hit Beckham deep. I have Odell in my team, I love him because he gives me a solid foor every week, but I want more from him. I would try to go for Hill I guess.

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I’ll offer for both let see who takes it lol