Trading for tyreek hill

Should I trade away jordy or t.y. for tyreek hill in a .5 ppr? If so which one should i trade away?

tyreek has WAY more value than both of these guys. i think you’ll have to offer more to get tyreek

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the tyreek owner in my league is very fed up with him right now. I think i could swing him for one of these guys. Which one would you recommend?

I’ve got Tyreek in a league I don’t care too much about…I still don’t think I’d take just Jordy or just TY for him, though.

I agree with the previous 2, I have Tyreek as well and wouldn’t do that trade. That being said, your situation is different - I think you give TY over Jordy. TY in the last three games has 1, 2, and 2 catches. Jordy I think will still get some volume at least so your not relying on TY having a 50+ yard TD every week for his points.