Trading for Tyreek

Someone just came at me with a tyreek hill trade offer in which I would be giving up mike thomas. This is not a 1 for 1 he’s willing to offer more. (How much more is unclear but I’m asking for the moon currently to be fair)

So how much more valuable is thomas than hill right now? I feel like it should be a lot but I also know I could win this by a ton if he escapes suspension and I get some added assets. I also have mahomes which would make it even better, but I don’t want to give away mike thomas for a guy who will always be a risk without a decent haul involved.

I wouldn’t give up Thomas for Hill. That would be a lateral move if Hill were playing. The most likely scenario is that Hill misses 8 games this year and comes back. But it is unclear whether the Chiefs will be willing to extend him after this season. Plus there is the risk he misses the entire season or never plays with Mahomes again. While I would be trying to buy Hill as well, you should not give more than a WR2 or a pair of WR/RB3’s.

What I’m doing right now is asking for hill, lindsay, and a couple picks (a 2nd and 3rd). Is this a good deal? No word yet on how he’ll react to this it’s just what I’ve floated out there

Hmm… I would personally rather have Thomas. Only because I don’t believe Lindsay is a long term option. But a lot of people believe he is. So if you have faith in Lindsay as a long term RB2 that’s a good deal for you. I don’t think you’re asking for too much.

I’m personally a big fan of lindsay but I just got an emphatic no on that offer so it looks like we’re not getting anywhere

Haha, if you offered that to me I might have done it without the 2nd rounder. Hill still carries risk even if he does come back this season. By drafting Hardman, they could be preparing to not extend Hill and move on. And he’s no where near as valuable on any other team.

Lindsay’s a good player but I’m worried new coaching regime will feature Freeman instead.

This is an awful deal for you lol and not “the moon”. I wouldn’t give up MT for Hill unless it included a low RB1 (i.e. Aaron Jones) with upside and 2020 1st.

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Wow ok this is why I come to you guys before making bad decisions. I think I’ve been thinking of Tyreek as an ultra-high value guy who people are panicking on too much but maybe I should be panicking a little more too. Definitely not out on him though (even though that deal in particular is dead) and I think I’ll try to buy some stock on the cheap soon.

He is an ultra high value guy but people aren’t panicking anymore. But he still carries substantial character risk with high risk of repetition. MT is a great character, elite receiver, and low risk. I wouldn’t give that up for a couple random picks and someone else who has a tonne of question marks.

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Don’t give up Thomas. You should ask for just Hill and offer a WR/RB 2 and a 3. See what he says. I would still be targeting Hill because they didn’t cut him like they did Hunt. And if he comes back with Chiefs he could play the next 10 seasons with a Hall of Fame QB. That’s a risk I’d be willing to take. Even with Thomas, you don’t know who his QB might be next season.