Trading for Under performers

I have an opportunity to Trade Devante Parker For Amari Cooper. Cooper has been unplayable the last 3 weeks but I feel he can turn it around when Carr comes back. Is this a worthwhile trade?

If you have a good group of WR’s then i think it’s totally worth it to see how he plays with Carr back, but if you don’t have a good WR group then I would hold onto parker.

My WR’s are alright, and usable. They are; Hopkins, Thomas, Amendola, Parker, and Maclin. Since Parker is my #number 3/4, (tied with Amendola), I feel like I want Cooper but I don’t know if I could put myself at risk of another Injury, (I have David Johnson.) My RBs if it matters for Flex consideration is DJ, Bell (traded 2/3/4 draft picks this year for him), Martin, Kamara, and Derrick Henry.

I’m all for buying low on Cooper. I was able to get him for Frank Gore