Trading Freeman & Samuel for Singletary

I don’t like Devinta Freeman’s schedule or the team he’s on and Curtis Samuel had a nice game. Hoping to get Singletary in return for both of these guys. Think he has a monster second half. Thoughts? Full ppr

As much as I love having Singletary and all the hype he still feels like a flex and Freeman is a mid to high RB2. Your trading for upside but if it doesn’t happen it could backfire especially with the RB landscape this season. So it’s all about your risk tolerance at this point.

I have oj and gesicki at tightend and he has written and hooper, what if I added his hooper and Singletary for freeman and Samuel? I could add Golden Tate or Hollywood instead of samuel if it would make it sweeter. D Adams is my other wr. Or I could take your advice and scrap it. Just hang on to what I have. Full ppr. Thoughts?

Hooper is too high. That will get laughed at.