Trading from an insane amount of depth at RB and WR - Deals on the table

12 team, 1/2 point PPR, Currently sitting at 4-0.

Currently my RB’s are Barkley, Lynch, Michel, Royce Freeman and Yeldon.

WR’s are Keenan Allen, John Brown, Corey Davis, Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, and Mike Williams.

I have a Julio for Lynch and Davis offer which I’m leaning towards accepting.

I also have a Trey Burton (my TE), John Brown and Mike Williams for Gronk and Keelan Cole offer that I’m mulling over but leaning towards accepting.

After accepting these, it leaves me with both Seattle WR’s and Keelan Cole to fill in at WR3 and the group of Saquon, Michel, Freeman and Yeldon for my 2 RB spots. All those guys as well would be option for my flex.

The Kareem Hunt owner also has Fournette and I’ve talked to him about the value of locking up the Jacksonville RB spot by trading for Yeldon. He asked for Yeldon, a flex-worthy RB and a decent bench WR for his bench for Kareem Hunt. If I dealt Yeldon, Baldwin/Lockett and Freeman for Hunt, would that loss of depth be worth the potential elite upgrades to my RB2, WR2 and TE spots? I’d also have 4 open roster spots to add some depth.

Any suggestions FootClan?

I like all of those trades for you. For the last one however, try to hold onto baldwin and trade either Cole or Lockett

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Yeah I’m thinking about offering Lockett and Freeman with Yeldon and maybe asking for a 2nd WR or RB in return. He has Stills and Crabtree as 2 of his 4 starting core of receivers. Maybe one of them with Hunt if I need to add Baldwin.