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Trading Greg Olsen in a keeper league


Hey guys. So I already have my 4 keepers determined which leaves Greg Olsen on the outs for me. I’ve been offered a 9th round pick (which after the 4 keeper rounds is a 5th round in the draft). Do you guys feel like that is a fair value trade, or am I ripping myself off, (keep in mind if I trade him, the other guy will keep him which means I wouldn’t have a shot at trying to get him back). What are your guys thoughts on the trade offer? Also if you think it’s a bad price, what pick would be his value?


I’m not a fan of this system to begin with because it basically gives some players extra value for people they should be releasing. Your league should work on only allowing trades with you actual keepers. Basically some guy can hit the jackpot and have 4 keepers plus 4 tradeable assets and take in the picks. That being said I would do it. There’s no sure thing you get him in the draft, and if you miss out on him you’ll be kicking yourself for not taking the extra pick. The only certain thing you can do is take the extra pick and have a shot at an extra useable asset earlier in the draft.


So when you say someone hits the jackpot, you’re referring to drafting well … I don’t believe that someone that drafts well and is able to get 6 keepers should be punished and lose guys for nothing either. I see what you’re saying… I was able to get a 7th rounder (3rd after keeper rounds). So I’m pretty happy with the deal.


i do it. if it is the best value you can get for him, and not like an 8th rounder, thats still a draft pick you didnt have before. i almost always will take the pool of players over 1 guy. especially a TE. sure its a low pick, but everyone needs depth, and you can find some real gems in the lower rounds with enough ammo to shoot at it with.