Trading Greg Olsen

Looking to Deal Greg Olsen.

I am looking at one team who has Jordan Howard and Tevin Coleman as RBs who interest me (also has breida, but his playoff matchups are brutal)

Another team has Mixon.

The third option has Dalvin and Carson as potential options.

these would be 1/1 trades

Would I be asking too little, or too much for any of the above? Which RB would you deem fair value in a standard league for Olsen straight up? I also have Ek, MVS and Sutton who i would be comfortable packaging in, to go for more.

Any of those would be a trade win for you, but If I were the owners of any of those players, I personally wouldn’t trade any of them 1:1 for Olsen…so if it’s offered to you, I’d jump on it as long as you have a TE replacement

You might be able to get Howard or Carson 1:1 for Olsen, but the others are one-sided for you.

I own howard. I’ll take Greg Olsen in a heartbeat.
I might just be upset that he’s let me down all season.

Yeah howard is trash, i wouldnt trade olsen for howard

Appreciate the advice folks. I own Kittle and I would start him ROS. Injury does scare me with how shallow the posistion is though
Might shoot for Carson 1/1, and maybe float and upgrade deal for one of the better guys

As a Howard owner, I can’t even let him go- I’ve tried trading him but no one bites. I can’t just drop him…he probably blow up the second I do.

So, to the original question, Olsen for Mixon might be too little. I wouldn’t trade Mixon 1/1. Another enticing piece and MAYBE.

Dalvin Cook- I wouldn’t take it- last night’s game was just tough. Carson is a strong maybe…also your best bet if you wanna stay to 1/1.

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