Trading gronk

Hey guys, looking forward to trade Gronk for a RB (because I lost DJ at the begining of the year).
Any ideas who I should target. I’m thinking a package trade with one of my WR.

Thanks for your help !!!

10 Team league, Std scoring.
My team:
-Kirk Cousins
-Carlos Hyde
-Ameer Abdullah
-Jordy Nelson
-Demarius Thomas
-Devante Parker
-Adam Thielen
-Rob Gronkowski
-Martellus Bennett

Target demarco murray or jasy ajayi in my opinion

1v1 trade is fair for one of theses guys ?

I would try to go after Doug Martin, that is who I’m targeting.

Interesting topic. I have gronk and think he’s money when he plays, I’m in need of a RB as I still have DJ on my bench, but I don’t think I could trade Gronk, not unless I had a solid TE in return as I missed him this week immensely.

I ended up dropping Engram in and he got 0 points