Trading Gurley

Considering trading Gurley away in my keeper league (keep 13 players). I’ll need to target an RB in return, but am struggling to figure out which one. Main considerations are: Hunt, Conner, or Chubb. I’ll ask for one or two draft picks in return as well. Who would you target (other mentions are welcome as well)?

I am a Nick Chubb truther. I think he is outstanding. Landing him and a pick might not be a bad deal for Gurley.

I’d leave Hunt out of that. I mean maybe if it’s a part of the deal with Chubb but, specifically him…I mean there’s just no way of knowing what’s going to come of that situation. I’d make some considerations toward Mixon/Dalvin Cook. Really depends on the owner and what they think about TG’s health

From the perspective of your potential trade partner, I wouldn’t trade Conner or Chubb + picks for Gurley at this point. You may be asking too much unless the other owner still values Gurley as a true RB1. I’d even have trouble trading either for Gurley straight up with all the recent news having come out.

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I’m also the Mixon owner! Cook isn’t a bad thought, but idk if I can trade an injured Gurley for an injury prone Cook.

Personally I’d rather risk it with gurley. 75% of gurley is better than all of those RBs you named. And currently if you sell him, you’re not getting nearly enough value in return to make it worth it. better off keeping and risking it. You probably couldn’t even get Chubb for Gurley right now straight up. I’ve seen that trade go down multiple times in dynasty where Gurley had to give up gurley+ to get chubb.

I’d trade him for (in order):

  • Saquan Barkley
  • Alvin Kamara
  • Christian McCaffrey
  • Ezekiel Elliott
  • Melvin Gordon
  • David Johnson
  • Nick Chubb/1st (Might prefer a '20 first, this draft is awful)

… if I can’t get any of those there’s too much upside left… get ahold of Darrel Henderson