Trading Gurley?

Recently acquired kamara via trade for Michael Thomas and Corey clement. My team is currently

Davante Adams
Chicago DST

be: Bilal Powell, Jordan Howard, James White, Corey Davis, ty hilton.

Thinking of offering gurley& Baldwin or ty hilton to acquire a struggling team with hunt and brown. Should I even be thinking of this due to how dominant gurley is? 20+ points from him seems too good to move, but should I look to sell him extremely high?

No thanks, as good as AB is Gurley is pretty much a lock for 20 touches all day and AB isn’t. I like Hunt, but Gurley is on another level. He is so solid and not only has a huge floor, but also week winning talent. AB is dependent on Big Ben and Gurley doesn’t have the issues of worrying about someone else getting him the ball. Gurley is the MVP right now so just hold on to him.

I would think Gurley was having a bad week if he scored less than 20 this year. Gurley and Kamara will carry your team, dont get cute.

So stud RBs with just playable wrs are the moves? Or should I look to dish out depth for a WR2

I would wait for a mini comeback from Howard and trade him for a WR.

dont touch gurley lol he’s the best player in this league

I understand the thought process, I just really don’t think you’d be selling him high… that is I’m pretty confident this is what gurley is this year. I love trading, maybe too much, but right now there’s really two players on my team I won’t move: gurley and Adams