Trading help Bell for Freeman

I was offered Devonte Freeman + Cobb for Bell + Garcon, I’m currently in a bit of rb trouble as my other rb1 is Royce Freeman. Should I take this offer?

No. Freeman has some pretty big injury concerns/question marks. Knee problems. Doesn’t really help if you trade for him and he goes down.

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First of all… no, for the above stated reasons. I don’t have a problem moving Bell, but not for that. And I wouldn’t tilt too bad on Royce Freeman yet.

I was also offered Miller + Funchess for Bell, is this any better?

Cmon… If Freeman and Cobb wasn’t good enough, how is miller and funchess better. You need to learn to make these judgement calls for yourself. People aren’t going to always be here to tell you to turn down low ball offers.

If you’re trading Bell, you should be getting another high tier player back.

True but with no sign of coming back the validity of getting a high tier player for one that might not even play goes down, lessening his value overall. If Conner has another explosive week then bells value could go down more

Bell’s value is not going to go down more than what it is now. Everyone is already assuming he’s not playing until week 10. And Conner’s play doesn’t really matter. It’s not like if Conner sucks, steelers will pay Bell more to come back. If bell comes back, He’s still the guy. Conner put up stats, but anyone who understands football and actually watches the game knows that Bell’s impact on the game is not just measured by rushing yards. He helps them win way more than Conner.

Also, doesn’t mean you give bell up for nothing.