Trading in prep for the playoffs

I have 4 really good running backs and I’m looking to trade one as I need at least one higher end receiver. Half point ppr league which back to trade and who would be someone I should target, I have shopped chubb around to no avail

James white
Melvin Gordon
Christian McCaffrey
Nick chubb

For me it’s definitely White I’m shopping. The others are lead backs and White is slightly down from that. I’d be rolling CMC & Gordon weekly with Chubb or a receiver as flex. Full Point PPR may make me lean to selling Chubb but if you’ve already tried to no avail it’s back to White. I can’t tell you who to target, IMO that is 100% league dependent. Look at who needs help the most at RB or loaded at WR and make a play for one of theirs that you like.

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I would trade White because the others are RB1s in my opinion. I would look at a guy like Juju to target. If the owner needs an rb it could be a 1 for 1 trade.

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I agree with selling White. Target an RB needy team. I also think Boyd is a good cheap option to target right now, but quite a bit more risky than someone like Juju (just don’t know if Juju is obtainable). If you find the right team to work a trade out with though, it can be done.

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Ok thanks, I was thinking him as well

What would think about trying to get OBJ with agiu that needs rb’s?

All for it, but I’d imagine you’d need to give up CMC at the very least. I’d say it’s worth it with your other Rbs honestly.

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Who are your WRs? That’s tough because Brady/McDaniels absolutely love and trusts White so I would not trade him. You would get more for McCafrey because of how people see him but he’s had his inconsistencies this year. They also play the Saints twice during playoff week and the saints are very good against running backs.

Allen Robinson, tyler boyd, cortland sutton and chris Godwin, none of of them have any type of consistency, Robinson has a decent schedual after this week and Boyd has had some great games but that offense is shaky

I’m winning games and I’m in 2nd in a 10 team league so I’m sitting pretty good but I just feel like my biggest weakness is WR and just want to sure that up.

Idk if anyone would trade a WR1 for White because he is very undervalued. You have a better chance of getting a WR1 for McAffrey. James White will always be involved in the Pats offense. Chubb will also get lots of volume rest of season and I believe he is undervalued as well because of his team.

Ya idk, maybe I’m just overreacting, I’m second in total points scored, I just get nervous about the playoffs. The league I’m in is skiddish about trades, I haven’t received a single trade offer and when I offer trades, they just reject them, no counter offers or anything, which is frustrating. Thanks everyone for the advice btw