Trading James Conner

Not the Bell owner looking to move Conner. Would you trade Conner straight up for K. Drake or D. Baldwin (likely to miss ~4weeks).

No way, I think bell will be out for a while… let Connor get some more banger games then trade him. Some people are saying he won’t be back till the bye week 7 and maybe not till week 10

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I was just coming to the board to ask the same thing. To answer your question I would say yes to both Drake and Baldwin.

I’d like to add another player to that question… would you trade Conner for Chris Hogan?

I wouldn’t trade him for either. He is a lock RB1 until Bell returns. If you’re trying to trade you shoot for the moon and try to get someone like Mixon, Freeman, or Howard. Pref Mixon or Howard


I wouldnt trade connors for the combo even. whoever sent you that offer is lowballing you hard. what spot do you need help the most?


I have bell and Conner in a dynasty auction. Obviously have Conner dirt cheap so I am trying to gauge his value past this season. Does Pitt do away with bell after season And move on with Conner ? I have a guy considering trading me Odell for Conner and mark Ingram. Keeper costs would be 28$ for Odell. 22 for Ingram and 5 for Conner. For this season my WRs and flex would be aj green, mike Evan and Odell with josh Gordon bench. But my rbs until bell came back would be just freeman and Jordan Wilkins. 12 team league

I would be keeping Connor from this year on. Bell is gone and Connor is and always has been a very good RB going back to Pitt

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Currently don’t need much help anywhere except RB depth. Have DJ and Kamara (keeper) for RBs. Hogan, Robinson, Cooper, and Hilton at WR. No one in my league is dumb enough to let Mixon or Howard go for Conner straight up, who else could I sweeten the pot with? (Riddick, Locket, Buck Allen, Jamal Williams, J. Reed, Mahomes, Beasley also on the squad).

I think Bell will be back the by the end of the month. The Steelers wont negotiate any further, and if Conner continues to play well he will only loose his leverage. As a Steelers fan they need to adopt the patriots policy and let him go and pay Conner pennies. RBs are interchangeable. Staying out till week 10 doesn’t make sense if all he is doing is protecting himself from injury, he would still get paid even if he got hurt.

On that same note. Would anyone here trade AWAY Bell AND Connor to get Kamara and someone like Brandin Cooks? Just to be done with all the weekly drama lol

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If bell got hurt this year and it was a serious injury, he wouldn’t get paid anywhere near the amount he could get if he was healthy.

If I could get kamara and cooks for Bell and Conner I would take that trade

I own Conner in a keeper league and have been negoiating with Bell’s owner for a deal. Currently looking at getting AP back for him straight up. Also could get Bell from him for a package including Fornette and some other moving peices. Which do you think makes more sense? Id rather either move Conner or hedge by getting Bell as well.

Also this is a keeper league, where I could keep Conner for another 2 years at probably a 8-9th round value if Bell isnt resigned in Pitt next year.

I would say no to all of those. Getting Conner as the non-bell owner, he’s a player who will win you weeks. None of Baldwin, Hogan or Drake have the same win you a week potential. I know Conner’s essentially a rental but if you start off 4-0 because of him you have a way better chance of making the playoffs. Gotta make the playoffs for the long term plays to matter and you already have other starters if you picked conner up off the waivers.

In a keeper I would NOT sell conner cheap. Conner becomes a top 5 keeper next year if Bell ends up elsewhere, which is very likely.

Looking at trading away Conners and Ingram for Melvin Gordon. Fair trade? Gordon’s value is great, and that way they have a starter year round even when Bell comes back is my thought. Any thoughts? I have Kamara, Drake, Alex Collins, and Duke Johnson.

That’s tough. I’m more a believer that Bell will be out until at least week 7 in which case that deal’s a push, you win post week 7 and they win up until week 7. With your other RB depth I would probably do it though

It’s 2 RB and 2 flex by the way. I like my WR and other spots so I feel like I’d be more comfortable for the season even if losing Conner could hurt. But you’re right, if he does what he did last week, and Bell is out for a while, I would be the one behind the other guy. I feel like it could be good for both of us potentially.

If conner is playing until week 10, that’s 9 additional weeks where he’s probably getting more touches than Gordon and outproducing him most of the time. That’s why it’d be tough for me to pull the trigger. Then you add in a high level rb2 with rb1 potential.

I think Bell sits until week 10 and returns week 11. If it’s not a keeper league I’m shipping him out and trying to get something season long value back for him. I would trade him at this point for Howard being the lowest most likely.

Connor had his ceiling game week 1 and had 180 yards and 2 tds. Gordon had a normal game and had 170 and 1. Give me Gordon all day and twice on Sunday. Gordon had an awful game script last week too.

Pitt also has a much tougher schedule than LAC too