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Trading James Conner


There’s no such thing as bad game script for either of these two. But I think you’re right on with Conner and Melvin Gordon wont have 170 yards a week. He’ll be the best RB of all time if he does. It’s just not realistic. They both had great weeks but Conner’s workload is definitely larger with a better offensive line.


But you will lose Connor at some point this year and Gordon you won’t barring injury.


I know I brought that up. The fact that it can be argued which is better for 10 weeks and then you throw in Mark Ingram is where I get tripped up. I’d still probably do it but man that’s tough.


Does the fact that I have Keenan Allen throw a wrench in things? I know obviously they can both still do well (see last week) but just a thought. Also, the league is full PPR.


I don’t think so, Gordon and Allen are very stackable I think. Not many teams I can say that about but they are.


That’s true. I think the PPR is what makes me think I can break even with Gordon because Conner won’t catch as much. He could, but I don’t think he is as good as Bell at pass catching.


Do what you feel man, it’s a tough situation to assess with so much uncertainty so go with the players you like the most.


Thanks for the advice guys!


Would you look at acquiring Bell then in that instance? Had tossed around the framework of something along the lines of Fournette and Juju for Bell, AP and either Rudolph or Kittle (I also lost Olsen this week, but did snag Cook). I also have Saquon as my RB 1 and some good WR depth.


Would you trade Conner for bell? The bell owner is weak at RB and looking to trade
My RB: Gurley, shady, Alex Collins, hyde, Wilkins, and Aaron jones


I flipped Conner and K. Johnson for CMC, was wondering if the footclan thought this was one sided.


What’s the set up of your league? 2WR 2RB and 2 flex or is it set up different?


CMC makes it interesting, I’m pretty low on Kerryon because he’s on the Lions but I don’t think this is lopsided. At the end of the year either one of you could have won.


Do you think you can make the playoffs if bell sits 10 weeks? If you can, I’d make the trade. If you don’t think you can then don’t. Gotta make the playoffs for Bell coming back to matter. If you do make them and have Bell, you just added a top 3 RB to a playoff team.


2RB, 2WR, 1flex. Pulled the trigger last night on Fornette/Juju(11th rd keeper next year) for Bell, AP and Demarius Thomas.