Trading Jordan Reed

I am looking to move Jordan Reed and want to get your opinion on who would be best. Looking to target a WR on the team with Martellus Bennett.

My thought is Reed for Baldwin… or packaging Reed and Crowell (or another RB) for Hopkins… not sure what’s fair. It’s a STD league.

My Team:

Their Team:

Both of those would be great trades for you, just don’t see a high chance of the other guy accepting them

Appreciate your response! Is there a better trade to make perhaps?

Also, this team has been hurting at TE but not sure what I can get or would want…


I’d try your first 2 options, if nothing works just keep packaging players until it does

You could shoot for Crabtree straight up. He doesn’t get a ton of yards, but the TDs have been there for him.

I am worried they wouldn’t take it as that’s really their WR1…

Plus he has bye week 10, in which I lose Hunt and Ertz… so, it’s not great for me.

True…that’s a very good point

Is it weird to have a Reed flex play? I never flex TEs…

lol I would Flex Reed instead. He’s healthy and is the no 1 option in WASH, no one else can play!

But that’s my league, we have a 14 team league

btw, no one is going to take those offers, maybe if reed has another good game or 2. But his injury history is killing it lol

I know that’s what I was thinking. I mean Reed isn’t the worst flex option during bye weeks. As you said, he is the #1 target for Cousins (besides Thompson)… As far as the trades. Yes, I was feeling like what I would be offering wasn’t an even trade. Hence my hesitation.

Be careful with that Reed Flex though. in weeks 9 and 10 they play the Seahawks at Seattle and then Denver. Not really good matchups

I’m flexing him this week because its a big bye week for me, but I have Brate as well, so its not too tough a choice. But thats just for this week I wouldnt feel too great flexing him often.