Trading Julio

Hey Guys, I have been offered what I perceive to be a pretty fair trade in .5 ppr. 2rb 2wr 1flex
Trade Away Julio and Crowell
Recieve Lesean Mccoy and Devante Parker
Other Main running backs are Fournette and Kamara
Other Main Wrs AJ Green and TY Hill
I am leaning yes but am anxious to hear other opinions

Can you get someone better than D Parker?

Parker is probably his WR2. Plan will be to start kamara at flex and use Parker as a bye week fillin for Hill and Fournette later in the year

I think you’re better off with Kamara at RB 2 and Julio at Flex

Anyone else have an opinion?

I dont think I would do that deal… I dont think your gaining enough by adding McCoy.

I really like Julio moving forward especially this week.

Decided to decline. Moving forward if Kamara flops I will revisit possibly moving Julio for a Mccoy type player. Julio matchup this week is too good too pass up.