Trading Kamara away for Zeke and Yeldon?

Would u take this trade? I’m not tilting but I got offered this trade do I take it???

Who are your other backs?

I would actually take it. Kamara will be splitting time with Ingram. Zeke will always be a consistent start and Yeldon even when Fournette comes back (looking to be after bye week) will get playing time.

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My backs r Lynch Hyde AP Lewis and I picked up Foreman

I would trade away for two consistent backs.

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Really?? I mean I want to but Kamara only had one bad week im sure they didn’t play him much cuz he was overused the first 4 weeks

Kamara is still the starter, it will shake out just like last season from what Coach Payton is saying.

This is not a bad deal though. You get RB1 and probably one of the strongest FLEX players. He’s going to get points every game and Fournette, he’s a weeble wobble. You could have two RB1’s. I’d take it.


How long do you think Yeldon is the starter?

Fournette, he is a strong candidate for not staying upright when he returns and who knows when he will return so that’s two RB1’s right now.

Saints will also rest Kamara if they are in the playoffs and their position is set which, looking like a good odds that could go down.

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