Trading Kamara for mack and chark!

Im getting offers for kamara, the best so far is this one:
Trade away kamara
Receive Marlon Mack and Dj Chark

I could ask for godwin or keenan allen if you think chark is too low, dont know if i will get godwin, but allen might work.

My team is 3-3 and it was not my best draft. Standard 10-team:
Qb - josh allen/stafford
Rb - kamara, michel, hyde, singletary and thompson
Wr - woods, crowder, john brown, dj moore and shepard
Te - kelce

I like Allen/Mack for Kamara. If he’s going to buy low on Kamara, you should buy low on Allen.

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Thats a good point, do you trust allen more than chark ros?

Any other opinions fellas?

Ask for more than Chark as the second piece of that trade. If you can get Allen or Godwin, then yes.

Kamara is a top tier back who’s impacted by the loss of brees. Brees is coming back.

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I trust Allen.

What about Aaron Jones and Thielen for Kamara…is that too much?

I’d rather have Kamara. Jones can have big weeks as we saw but with Williams back, it hurts his value. Thielen we’ve seen him be great and a ghost both this year and last.

Ya that’s why I want to try and package both of them for Kamara lol

If i were kamara owner, i wouldnt take this deal. I dont like jones and thielen as every week starters

Brees is coming back! I wouldn’t trade away super kamario unless it’s two top tier players