Trading Kareem Hunt for Dak Straight up (1/2pt ppr)

Hey everyone,

I am in dire straights at QB, I started with Daniel Jones and the FA group is not worth streaming (10/12 teams in my league are carrying 2 QBs)…I can make this deal to get Dak and solidify my QB group at the cost of hunt. I’m not sure if my RB depth can handle the blow though…Looking for some input!

That’s tough.

What RBs does the other team have? Any chance you could snag a lower tier RB from them just to have something?

Sadly not really,

His RBs are:

Adrian Peterson
Kenyan Drake
James White
Peyton Barber

Maybe I could swing something like this… Idk how fair it appears though? He is getting 2 instant upgrades and a speculative pick and has mahomes as his other QB. I’m downgrading a bit , but I don’t know if OBJ will sustain.