Trading kelce?

Would you trade Kelce, Miles Sanders and Lockett for

Joe Mixon, Tyreke Hill, and Tyler Higbee

I’m the Kelce owner

So , big drops from Kelce to Higbee and from Lockett to Hill. To keep it simple. What do you think of that mixon for sanders portion?
You are getting 2 guys that are 2nd rounders for mid-late round picks. Tough to let go of Kelce though for sure.

I definitely not high on Sanders at all this yeat and i love Mixon this year.
I do feel like MIXON AND HILL are definitely an upgrade. I also feel that if Higbee hits it will really make the trade

This what im working with

I was kinda skeptical at first, but looking at your actual team, I think it makes sense.

I like Mixon infinitely more than Sanders, Tyreek-McLaurin-ARob is a silly top-3 at WR and they Stafford-Higbee stack is interesting.

I think I really like how your team would look after the trade.

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I think the trade is probably a net gain. Part of it is betting on Higbee being a sleeper or at least functional starter vs Sanders being a bust.
I don’t have much faith in what’s going on in Philly.

At least with Mixon ik he’s going to get all the work. I was honestly going into the draft assuming i was going to get Higbee late but ended up having one of the later picks and went with Kelce.

And i actually really like lockett but Hill is also a decent upgrade as well

Lotta discussion here for a pretty cut-and-dried response, but yes, if you can trick someone into hitting the “Accept” button for that, it will be a good day’s work.

This is how I see it too. It’s also important to assess your downside on both sides of the trade (not factoring in injury). So what if Higbee falls flat? Does that push you towards rejecting or even if Higbee busts are you still happy with this trade given the other pieces?

Personally, I think I like it even if he busts and if he hits that just like the cherry on top.

The biggest potential downside I see is what if Lockett finds a way to be more consistent this year? You’re still upgrading with hill in that case but not nearly as much. I don’t think it’s likely he finds his way to being much more consistent though so I’m personally not putting too much stock in this risk. We have plenty of history of Russ being a super streaky QB and Pete Carroll’s play calling for me to think that Lockett has an easy time being more consistent.

I would take the deal. Mixon and Hill would be straight rosters starters and on the other side only Kelce is in that boat for me. Sanders, Lockett, and Higbee while good are also people people that you could push to the bench. For me it comes to a 2v1, and Mixon/Hill win.