Trading Luck and/or Brees

I have Brees and Luck and i want to trade one (or both) to overcome my Hilton/Diggs conundrum. Do you think a return of K. Hunt and K. Allen is a good return for one of my QBs and one of the WRs? What would be a typical return for either scenario and can I just stream a QB (or wait for Teddy Bridgewater)?

If you can get K. Hunt and K. Allen for QB do it. There has to be someone out on the wavier wire. Those two players can be difference makers.

He balked at luck and Diggs for hunt and allen…I am offering buck allen, brees and Diggs for K hunt, k allen and David Johnson…risky but may pay off…getting allen and hunt with a recovering Luck would put me in a great playoff position