Trading M Andrews?

I have Andrews and Waller on my team in a PPR league. My WR are very weak in this league with A Brown, Woods, Boyd, and Marvin Jones being it. MY RB are solid with CMC, Mixon, K Johnson, M Ingram, Cohen, R Freemen. I really feel like I should try to cash in on Andrews and package him with a RB to get a WR in case Brown gets suspended, but I have the stack of Jackson and Andrews right now and am loving it. Any thoughts? Maybe try to get someone like Evans?

I would try to move Waller. Find someone with weak TE and you might be able to get a WR2 or WR Flex. I wouldn’t move Andrews unless you can get a stud.

Both TEs are very good with Andrews having the upside. Try to try Waller+RB for a WR1.

The guy with A Cooper only has Cook for TE so I may try to swing that. Maybe something like Ingram and Waller for Cooper. He needs help at RB and TE. @ross.hego @sdatkins

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I think Ingram is too much, maybe Kerryon, his splitting workload, unless you are in a PPR league, but I think that’s a good move.

It’s full PPR, plus I kind of want rid of the Jackson, Andrews, Ingram stack

Then go for the Waller+Andres package, it’s a fair trade for both of you.

I offered Ingram and Waller for Cooper

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Ingram* my mistake. Good trade, I hope it goes through.

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Preach, I need some help at WR. Brown scares me so much, I know Woods will have his days, Boyd is good, but will take a hit when Green comes back.

With the news of the text messages and the league sending investigators with the woman I would try to trade him, also check your waivers for someone like DJ Chark, T. McLaurin or J. Brown. Also if you are in a PPR league you know the value of WRs, so if the other owners are afraid of Brown too, try to package him with someone like Cohen or Freeman, the split work will hurt you in the long run, in this case Freeman has the upside, last week he had more carries and targets than P. Lindsay, so the only thing to do now is for you to analyze the necessities of the other teams.

It’s tough. If he somehow gets to slide and play he will be fine, or he could be a goose egg. I had Bell last season and finished second so it can be done!

In this type of situations is always a bet, nothing is for sure. I had the Bell situation too, decided to keep him in a standard league and finished last, different situations of course, but in the end it’s you decision.