Trading Mahomes / Barkley

14 team PPR, made a few trades and my team now looks like this.

QB - Mahomes, Goff
RB - Chubb, Drake, Robbinson, Gibson, (waiver clam on Bell who was dropped)
WR - Adams, Woods, Lamb, Campbell, Cooke
TE - Logan Thomas

Do I shop Mahomes and maybe Drake to get Rodgers and Taylor or Kyler and Barkley?

I may be able to give Lamb or Campbell and get OBJ from the Kyler/Barkley owner in a three for three - thoughts in that?

Or just enjoy Mahomes, first year I’ve ever had a stud QB!

If you can get Kyler and Barkley I think I would do it. Barkley is the best player in that trade and Kyler is really good too.

For Rodgers and Taylor I think I would just ride with Mahomes since I think Mahomes will be more consistent than Rodgers overall and Taylor for me is still in the same category as Drake right now.

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No concerns about Barkley being taken away by gamescript and just defenses keying in on him all year?

He does have a tough schedule as well…

The other owner I can talk to is maybe seeing if I can get Dak and Gurley for Mahomes - would you trust Gurley enough to do that?

Barkley won’t play against the pittsburgh steelers every week, i would def go after kyler/barkley. I love taylor but Aaron Rodgers gives me the heebie jeebies.

Yeah I agree on Rodgers, gives me the stack with Adams but not sure I believe he’s back to his old sling it self yet…

I’ve started talks with the Kyler/Barkley owner

Not really concerned, plus he still gets targeted with passes when they are down. The stat line for the week was low because the Steelers have a good defence. I also think there’s a lot of weapons in NY that defences won’t be able to only focus Barkley.

I wouldn’t go after Gurley trade at all, I feel like that would be a downgrade for you at both QB and RB.

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Im not in love with this trades, tbh… But i would be interested in the Kyler Barkley one… Having barkley to me seems waaaay safer than chubb and i dont think kyler will be that much of a downgrade from mahomes (of course it is, but i dont think is too much). As far as the arod/taylor, i personally wouldnt do it

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Kyler and Barkley. I’d do it in a heart beat.

Thanks all, other owner accepted the trade and I feel pretty good about it. Upgraded RB core and still have a top 5 QB with real upside for more if he keeps running.