Trading McCoy

I am in a 16 team league, and the lineup is QB, RB, WR, TE, Flex, Flex, DST, K
Here is my team:

Qb - Prescott, Allen
Rb - D. Johnson, McCaffrey, McCoy
WR - Thielen, John Brown, Watkins, Davis, Meredith, Sutton

I have an offer on the table currently and would love some feed back.

I would get
QB D. Watson
WR K. Benjamin

RB L. McCoy
WR S. Watkins

What kind of QB’s are available to add? I assume practically none in a 16 team league. I don’t love losing those guys but you do really need help at QB and your team doesn’t take an immediate hit from it or anything. K. Benjamin is almost worthless though.

I’m sorry I have Allen on BUF not Rosen.

Only starters available are Rosen, Darnold, and Gabbert.

Wow ok yeah. Get yourself Watson. I would do this trade.

I mean Watson is a great QB to own regardless. Your team is getting a lot better with this.