Trading Micheal Thomas

Need to make some moves to add to the strength to my team after losing DJ. My only bargaining chip for trades would be Micheal Thomas I think. I currently have Demarius Thomas, Tyrell Pryor, Sammy Watkins, and Micheal Thomas for my WR. Ajayi, Crowell, quizz, and Coleman at RB. I was thinking of moving Thomas to try to acquire a top tier RB. Would Demarco Murray, assuming he’s healthy, be something I should consider? Or should I consider adding to Thomas by trading away a RB assuming anyone would take anyone other than Ajayi on my roster at this point. Maybe Quizz while Martin is out. Thoughts?

If you want to have any chance this year, you have to hold onto Ajayi and M. Thomas I’m thinking. You should get a good performance out of Crow this week. Wait it out this week, then package Crow and Pryor or D. Thomas for someone like Gillislee, Lynch, or Montgomery if you’re feeling lucky. Work the waiver wire for WR’s. They are usually plentiful.

I really hope crow has a good week and pryor as well because I had very high hopes for both of them and they need to do well in order to have any trade value. The guys in my league are very much what have you done for me lately kinda guys. The loss of DJ really put me behind the 8ball like a lot of people. I went from DJ Ajayi to Ajayi Crowell. Difference of like 15 a week minimum