Trading Mike Evans Week 3

I’m looking into trading away Mike Evans I didn’t like how the offense was looking.
I’m thinking of trading Evans and a little more if needed for Golladay, Hill, or Thielen.

I was also looking into going for AJ Green, that same team lost Barkley so maybe I could give up Bell in hopes that he thinks he will do good when he’s off the IR

My QB: Wilson
RBs: CEH, Hunt, James Robinson, Bell, Edmonds, Murray, and Josh Kelly
WRs: Evans, Woods, Hollywood Brown, Crowder, and Scotty Miller
TE: Goedart

What do you guys think I should try doing?
Thanks for any input

Mini bump for some input

I’m looking at doing the same thing with Evans…except going after a RB because I have great WR depth…but not great RB depth.

With your team comp, I would go after Golladay…assuming this injury doesn’t linger…He’s a safe option, Thielen scares me with Minnesota…they look a lot worse than TB does…Because of his hype try going after a top WR…Davante Adams or D Hop…especially if you’re throwing something else in there…worth a shot!

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@crazyjoe1331 I’ve been wanting to go for DHop I could throw in a RB since he lost Barkley but idk who I should add to that trade.

The issue with trying to get Nuke is you will need to pay a kings ransom for him, especially since he fitting like a glove with Murray.