Trading Nick Chubb?

Should I sell high on Chubb and try going after an RB like Kamara CMC Cook or Elliot? Just thinning ahead and worried Hunt may cut into his workload when he gets back and this may be his best time to sell

If not would trying to trade Fournette for Bell be a good trade or would i be offering too little for him?

Or possibly trying to go for Saquon with Fournette maybe he comes back faster and it seems like he might be able to

Definitely an upgrade to CMC would be nice but if you look at his stats from all the games he has started he has stats to put him in that same conversation as all the guys you mentioned. I would only try to oversell him now with this big game but if you don’t end up trading him you will be just fine. Hunt does pose some risk but Chubb hasn’t given any reason to take away work

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If you can get CMC or Kamara I would do it. Fournette for Bell is a really good idea given Fournette’s big game and Bell should have massive volume to produce.

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@capesius15 @iNeedFFadvice I also forgot to add that my RBs are Chubb Fournette David Johnson Hunt McCoy and Samuels

Fournette for Bell or Barkley would be good. Barkley only if you can manage to wait a couple more weeks

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@iNeedFFadvice Barkley for Fournette or Fournette and Gordon for Hill and Mixon?

Josh gordon

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@iNeedFFadvice would you consider that a good trade for both sides? Or would it be lob sided

With Barkley apparently returning soon would it be crazy to trade Chubb for him? @iNeedFFadvice

I personally wouldn’t go that far with Chubb for Saquon. Maybe try Fournette for Saquon. But I like that 2:2 trade. You really would just have to get through the oline pains with Mixon