Trading picks for players. Need help

Hey guys I am thinking about trading draft picks for players. I’m sitting at 3 and 5 and I am the rest of the league has opened up. There are 4 teams sitting at 3-5 and 1 sitting at 4-4. How do you value players when trading your draft picks this late in the season.

I feel like giving up a 1st round pick for someone like OBJ is way too much for only getting him for half a season. What do you see as a fair price for half a year

Assuming this is a keeper league. Do a search for fantasy football dynasty values. This will help put picks in perspective vs player values.

So i see how this can be helpful. I am specifically looking at A.J Green. It gives me his average is 11.4. I’m assuming that means he will cost a 1st rd pick. I am in a re draft keeper league we can keep players 2 rounds earlier then where we drafted them so I will not be able to keep him next year. So I feel giving up my 1st round pick next year is a very steep price for half a year with a player.

I can safely say, with no experience what so ever, in a league where you trade draft picks, I’d only give up a 2nd.

it sounds like you may be looking at a standard seasonal trade chart.

When i look at the Dynasty Trade Values chart on fantasypros, AJ green has a value of 54. It tells me a top 3 pick has a value of 42, a top 6 (3-6) pick has a value of 36, top 12 (6-12) has a value of 24. early 2nd 20, late 2nd 14 so and so forth.

This would mean AJ Green is worth a 1st round pick and something else.