Trading pitts, Henderson, Edmonds to receive Hollywood, Gibson, Logan thomas, and AB

Do I do this it would make Gibson my flex behind ekeler and zeke and I could use the wr depth behind Godwin and woods

What’s the format? Is logan thomas gonna start for you?

Overall my impressions without full knowledge is you’re buying low on Antonio Gibson, getting a TE you can start and WR depth. I never like to give out multiple RB’s but when I feel it allows me to get upper end talent and the best player in the deal I’m a bit more interested. It sounds solid though. Edit sorry I imagine pitts is your te.

It’s full ppr, and Thomas would be my only te in a 10 man, I just value pitts much higher. That’s the only reason I’m considering not accepting. Thanks for the response

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If you feel pitts is the answer and would rather take him off the table I think you can probably get a deal centred on Gibson for Henderson and Edmonds with something else on either side. You might just need to accept a less glamorous WR. But I’d get back to the table asking to put this particular deal to the side and focus on pitts not being involved. You can easily come back to this if it’s a stalemate.