Trading RB for WR

Ok, been posting about this a bunch but going for one last effort to try to get more input…

TL:DR - Would you give Michel or Jacobs for A. Cooper or Woods?

I am hurting at WR until Hill and/or Green come back from injury as I have Fuller, Metcalf, Anderson, and Jones Jr. So, thinking of moving one of my RBs to upgrade - I have CMC, Fournette, Michel, and Jacobs. Standard scoring.

[Note - I currently have been sent an offer to give Jacobs for Woods]

Would you make some combination of a move above or just hold on?
Also, Moore hit waivers this week, so will likely target hit to help. If I add Moore, does a RB-WR trade seem less necessary?

I’d do Jacobs or Michel for Cooper for sure. Or Woods for Michel.

So would Michel for Cooper be the best value option for me :slight_smile:

I think there is clear feedback to not give Jacobs for Woods - but still thinking about giving Michel for Amari… Thoughts?