Trading Rodgers to Dak owner

0.5 ppr 10 team

My team

QB: Rodgers + Big Ben

RB: Henry, Mixon, Mostert, Latavius

WR: Ridley, DJ Moore, Hollywood Brown, Deebo, John Brown

TE: Andrews, Gisecki

I have been offered the following from a desperate Dak owner, (with no startable QB’s on waivers)
Give: Rodgers + Latavius
Get: Julio + Mark Ingram

I have serious concerns about Julios hamstring and ongoing health issues this season. Plus I already have Ridley

So I countered with:
Give: Rodgers, DJ Moore, Latavius
Get: DK Metcalf, Mark Ingram

Am I crazy to reject the first offer? or should I take it and run with Big Ben as my QB ROS?

Dk is so good I would be tempted to see what he says to that. The first trade isn’t bad if you have faith in Julio and Big Ben. Neither or the trades you lose but the second one has major value