Trading Rookie Draft Picks

I need some help valuing draft slots in the upcoming rookie draft for dynasty (12 teams). If I were to look to trade my draft pick for a player straight up what tier player should I expect to get for the following slots (a name or two would help):


For clarity this is an exercise in valuation not saying I have these slots.

This is really difficult to judge without knowing your roster and scoring format/starting requirements and also if you have any hypothetical trade partners in mind their rosters/picks as well.

They are fairly liquid in value most years in terms of player value vs pick value, if you take last years draft Barkley was the clear 1.01 by a mile and the player value based on what Barkley was expected to be short of Zeke, Gurley (at the time), Kamara and Hunt (at the time) or Hopkins, Admas, OBJ, Julio, Michael Thomas you really could have asked for any other RB or WR for the 1.01 but this year there isn’t a clear stud RB and we need to see where they land as well.

It could be a WR at 1.01 this year depending where they land so it’s really hard to value without knowing your needs and trade partner potential needs. after the top 6 picks though i would say you would be looking at RB2/3 and WR2/3 value at best for a player for pick trade straight up based on how much help you get right away from rookie picks/players especially WRs you may even be capped at WR3 tier guys.

Sorry that i can’t be more helpful but it’s not a black and white value without knowing some more details and ideally post NFL draft

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