Trading Rookie Picks to Win Now

Dynasty year two, half PPR. Came in third last year (our of ten) and looking to have a championship here in year two. RB is my weakest position right now, and I’m thinking of shipping my 1.08 rookie pick this year, one of my first round picks from next year (I have two), and Evan Engram or Darren Waller for Ezekiel Elliott. Is this too much to offer, or does this seem fair for both sides?

Current team (top 5 each position):
Lamar Jackson
Kyler Murray
Josh Allen

Alvin Kamara
Aaron Jones
David Montgomery
Tony Pollard
Mike Boone

Mike Evans
Tyreek Hill
Robert Woods
DeVante Parker
A.J. Green

George Kittle
Darren Waller
Evan Engram
Dallas Goedert
Irv Smith Jr

Note: those are ALL of the running backs I have on my roster

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I would say that’s a fair deal

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I’d say it’s a fair starting point, but if I’m the zeke owner I’m asking for more. Yeah you are offering multiple first, but no guarantee they hit and te’s that have upside but question marks for a guy who could finish rb1. Just expect a counter offer.


It might be a bit light, but in that case I’d move Waller. I know Engram has health issues, but I think LVR move into some of their newer weapons and that pulls from Waller. Evan is probably more secure in his role.

If you are looking to win now, I’d also consider talking to the Mixon owner. That deal might be light for Zeke (if only just) but it’s a strong offer for Mixon who does not have all the prestige around him yet.

He’s countering with my 2020 1.08, 2.01, 2021 1st, and Darren Waller for Zeke and his 3.05

Or I have a potential shot at Josh Jacobs for just the two first round picks.

I do agree that you’ve got win-now potential, so I’d be very interested in dealing for Zeke if he’ll come down a bit from his counteroffer. I’m pretty high on Josh Jacobs, so honestly, I probably like just 1.08 + 2.01 for him better (that seems like a very good deal).