Trading royce freeman

honestly, yes… i am tilting on Royce Freeman, but do i attempt to trade Freeman for Hunt? Also, im targeting Hilton and Hunt on the same team… im offering Freeman/Cupp/Brieta for Hunt and Hilton. Thoughts?

I like it only because you’re buying low on strong buy-low candidates. Otherwise I would’ve said “Don’t sell low” but it should work out

it was a no-go. what about selling Jay Ajayi for Hilton and Chris Thompson?

i think therse a 0% chance theyll take ajayi for ct and TY

Jay ajayi for Hunt?

I think you are severely low-balling this guy on all of the aforementioned trade offers. If you want hunt or hilton, you’re going to have to pay up.

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i would throw in someone with Ajayi. but i guess my question with Ajayi is… is he the real deal, or a ticking time bomb with his knee issues

He’s in a committee. Carries went all over the place week one between Ajayi, Sproles, Clement, Smallwood. No one will want to trade Hunt with full volume work for someone in a committee. Just saying. I think you need to move the target or add someone with serious value to entice the Hunt owner.

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even less of a chance of ajayi for hunt, if you offer these deals out you will lose out on future legitimate trade offers because people will not take you seriously

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