Trading Saquon smart? Keeper League

Need some advice - 10 team league 1/2 ppr with up to 3 keepers. You keep the guy in the round he was originally drafted, for up to 3 years. I have the following options as keepers.

Saquon -1st
Conner - 9th
Kittle - 9th
Aaron Jones - 10th
Marlon Mack - 10th

Debating trying to flip Saquon’s rights for an extra earlier round pick and picking 3 of the other 4 as my keepers.

Added incentive is lots of good 1st round guys are cycling back into the draft pool this year - Michael Thomas, Davante Adams, Bell, Gurley, DJ, Mel Gordon

Would you do it, and how high a pick should I be looking for?

Given that you know you have lots of first round talents cycling back to the draft, I’d be totally okay with flipping Saquons rights as you have Jones and mack for 10th round keeper values. And honestly, I have both pegged as top 5 RB upside. What are the starting roster slots? Can you start up to 4 RBs?

You should honestly flip him for a 1st round pick at least if not more. Let you pick up 2 of those guys. If you could get like a DJ or Gordon or even both to go with your keepers of like Jones/Mack and either kittle or Conner.

2 RB 2 WR 1 flex.

I couldnt get a 1st for him because whoever i trade him too would need their 1st to be able to keep him. Realistically based on how picks are valued in our league im thinking the best i could get would be a 3rd or 4th

I’d try and get a 2nd plus a 4th. Barkley is 1.01. 2nd and 4th though expensive isn’t ridiculous. I bet someone would be willing to pay that. Otherwise, you’re better off keeping him and starting saquon/mack/jones every week.

I’d try to move him. With the other RB talent in the first round I think you could get someone “almost” as good and then really shore up the rest of your roster with the other keepers. His name alone should get you a solid value. In our Keeper league he’d go for a later 1st/3rd so I think you could get a good bit for him.

Definitely trade him for whatever you can get as he’s an entirely lost asset if you don’t keep him and your strategy of keeping the other players for value is strong. I’d think any team would be willing to give up a mid-late first to keep Saquon this year, so aim for that. If you can’t get that high of a pick go for a 2nd rounder+ as @MikeMeUpp said

I mean, a 2nd and a 4th is kinda ridiculous. Because the team giving that up would still have to use their 1st to keep Barkley, so in effect they’d be giving up their 1st, 2nd and 4th for Barkley. I don’t know who in their right mind would sign up for that, especially since we know a lot of the top tier options are going to be available in the 1st anyway.

Kaiser you are thinking like the others in my league likely will. Even if i were to get say a 3rd round pick. That person essentially would be using their 1st and 3rd picks this year on saquon. With other value out there its a harder sell.

I’ve seen crazier trades than that for Barkley. People go crazy for barkley. And the thing is Barkley is a keeper. So even though it costs you that this year, it’s technically an investment to be able to keep him again for next couple years while he is in his prime.

If you can’t get that value, you’re better off just keeping him yourself. I wouldn’t give him up for anything less than 3rd and 4th.