Trading the 1.01 for Kelce

I have a competing team this upcoming year with a weakness at TE (Kmet, Jonnu, and Logan Thomas) should I trade the 1.01 for Kelce? The league format I am in is 0.5PPR and 1QB.

I don’t mind it but see if you can get Kelce and another asset, mainly due to Kelce’s age. I have Kelce and it truly is a game changer every week. Hope this helps a bit!

I agree, Id really try to attain another depth assest with Kelce. maybe do this by throwing in one of your TEs on their preference and gaining a middle tier RB or WR to help out your depth. maybe like a Drake, landry, corey davis type ? in general try adding some of you lower tier assests to gain upgrade middle tier players along with Kelce. in general dont mind the deal at all

Thanks for the input! This will be my second year in a dynasty league and would like to guage value on rookie picks. If the team with kelce doesn’t have much for depth pieces I’m interested in, what other rookie pick this draft or future could I go after for a fair trade?