Trading the 5 spot

I currently own the 5 pick in a first year dynasty draft. I’m looking to trade down and acquire more picks. What’s my pick worth?

Your pick is worth who you would take at 1.05, and where you’d be trading down to. Extrapolate the value that way.

Let’s assume you’re trading back no less than the first round.

1.05 is going to be either A Kamara, E Elliot, D Hopkins or D Adams.

If you move back at worst case sceneario 1.12, you’re now looking at say M Evans, J Mixon, N Chubb, J Jones, D Johnson.

Ask for their 3 round start up pick to make up the difference, but don’t do it for less than a 4th.

Ask yourself, would you trade A Kamara for M Evans and C Kupp? Scenearios similar to that that.