Trading to get your opponent's QB's #1 WR (Let me explain...)

There’s a five-way tie for first place right now, with the top four making the playoffs. Both myself and my opponent are locked in the tie, so I’m trying to pull out all the stops considering whoever wins will separate themselves by a full game from the other.

The podcast talks about the strategy of starting a WR who (in a best case scenario) is your opponent’s QB’s primary target, so that those imminent TD points ultimately go to both him AND you. That got me thinking, and putting some feelers out to the league, and here’s the current offer I have the opportunity to accept:

Give up: Joe Mixon and Alf Morris
Get: Alshon Jeffery

My opponent has Wentz, and while you could argue Ertz is the “primary” target, I think Alshon will get his too. I think Morris could go off any game, but also don’t want to wait and see if Tyron Smith plays, how Rod Smith continues to factor in, and when/how McFadden will enter the equation. And Mixon has been one TD shy of a bust for these past two weeks.

All that said, I’m leaning towards hitting accept. Thoughts?

I never understood that strategy, won’t it be the other way around ? You want to start the QB not the WR ? If we look at just td pts if Jeffery has a big day (2 tds = 12 pts) that means so did Wentz with 4 pt differential (2 tds =8 pts) but Wentz can throw 2 tds to Ertz (2 tds =8 pts) and also have a big day leaving Jeffery with nothing(0 tds - 0 pts), and you still come out on top.

Am I looking at this the wrong way ?

I think the argument for it is that touchdowns to the receiver hedges the gains of your opponent and actually benefits you more than the team with the QB. Now there is the possibility that someone else catches 2 TDs, BUT for each TD Jeffrey gets, the fantasy matchup score changes by a net of 2 points to the Jeffrey owner.

Does that make sense?

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Yeah, that’s my understanding of it. Kind of like: if this guy’s going to get some points, than I’m at least going to get some too. A double-edged sword for sure, but I’m wondering if this is one of those situations that calls for it…

Regarding the original Question, I agree with you Morris and Mixon concerns. The Dallas line clearly was poor and Mixon is very close to not getting it done.

For me, depends on your other RBs and WRs. Jeffrey definitely has the chops to get it done though. I think I support the trade.

I think where he’s coming from is depending on the scoring format: PPR for this example.

Wentz throws a 25 yard touchdown to Jeffery.

Jeffery gets 1 (Reception) + 2 (1 point every 10 yards) + 6 (touchdown) = 9
Wentz gets 1 (1 point every 25 yards) + 6 (touchdown) = 7

The WR gets points for each reception and per 10 receiving yards while QB would only get points every 25 throwing yards.

The situation you explained could happen as well but being that Ertz and Jeffery could both be considered #1, they will both get receptions regardless.

I see your guys argument but I guess what I am saying is it worth going through all that for a 2 pt differential, especially when the other scenario can happen as well.

So yesterday I had Big Ben and my opponent had AB … I see your guys point now lol