Trading to improve my WR2

I currently have Allen, Cooper, Boyd, Davis and Watkins for WR. I have Gurley, Howard, Kerryon, Breida and Collins for RB

Person I am targeting for a trade has Thomas, Juju, Landry and Lockett for WR and Barkley, McCoy, Freeman and Barber at RB. I feel like I need an upgrade at WR2 as I dont feel any of my guys for that spot are every week auto starts(maybe Davis but I need to see more).

The other guy is 1-3 and tied for 2nd to last. Do you see any deals here that are fair and upgrade my WR2 spot?

which freeman does he have? devonta or royce

and which allen do you have? keenan?

I have Keenan Allen and he has Royce Freeman.

Think you could try Cooper and Breida for Landry or JuJu. Capitalize on Cooper’s good week, and you still have 3 good RBs

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That is assuming Cooper is Amari Cooper not Cooper Kupp

Unfortunately, it’s Amari. If it was Kupp I wouldn’t be making a move lol.

Apparently he wants to roll with his current RBs:roll_eyes:

If I had his team I feel like I would need to sacrifice one receiver to get another RB because his are just atrocious.