Trading to optimize roster

I am thinking of 3 deals to offer people in my league

Kerryon and MVS for Dalvin
Breida/Kerryon and Njoku for Ertz
Breida/Kerryon and Boyd for James White

So, how would you rank these trades?

Here is my roster

I actually think you have a pretty solid roster. I understand where you struggling, so I’ll try to offer some advice.

Trades Ranked:

  1. Kerryon and MVS for Dalvin
  2. Breida/Kerryon and Njoku for Ertz
  3. Bredia/Kerryon and Boyd for James White.

I don’t think you’ll be able to do trade 2 or 3. Just not enough fire power from your side of the trade. But the 1st trade might work. I just would be scared for Dalvin to underperform the second half.

Honestly, I would keep your lineup the way it is, and throw Boyd at flex over Breida (AJ Green is out, so Boyd’s target share goes up). Hope this helped!

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