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So a guy is offering Aj brown and Allen Robinson for one of my receivers. Mike evans, diggs, or Antonio brown. Thoughts?

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I’d get rid of one of the Tampa receivers, preferably Brown.

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Reason for brown?

yeah send off brown or Evans if you do it. Depends on who you’d have to drop to make the trade too. The alarm bells are ringing loud for both of those players though, so beware

Yes that’s why I was skeptical. I don’t like having both evans and brown in the same line up but Robinson isn’t doing anything and aj coming off injury. So I’m just looking for opinions lol.

Because of Godwin…they are literally the same player and it’s a matter of picking your poison for Brady. Evans is the deep man and all he needs are a couple of targets to go off.

I’d do it for AB. I do not think he stays this hot through the season, but you still have Evans so you are not “out” in TB. I conversely do not believe AJB / ARob stay this cold.

It’s not an easy transaction but I think the two you are getting have shown a history of being productive which I do not believe just ended this season. TBF, AJB I wasn’t sure would stay as efficient but IMHO he’s better than what we’ve been seeing.