Trading Two RBs for Two RBs

I just got offered Fournette and Kerryon for Conner and Jacobs. Should I take this trade?

absolutely not

You get Fournette and Kerryon and trade away Conner and Jacobs?

If so, hell yes. Fournette and Kerryon are better than both Conner and Jacobs.

If you are the one trading away Fournette and Kerryon then no way.

Yes I’d get Fournette and Kerryon. My team after the trade would be QB-J. Allen, WR-Thieland, Cooper, Edelman,Tate, TE- Andrews, RB- Fournette, Kerryon, Ekeler, Coleman, Bell

Don’t have any idea why you wouldn’t do that trade.

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Definitely, Fournette and Kerryon are the better side of that

yeah did not think you were getting Fournette. better accept before they realize what they did