Trading up in dynasty start up

So I’m new to dynasty right? I just joined a dynasty league but haven’t drafted yet. I have the 11 spot in the draft order and the guy with the 4 spot said that he’s willing to trade down with the right offer even though he did say he didnt want to drop too low. I’m interested to move up so what would be a fair/starting offer I could throw his way to make him consider trading down with me?

GIven that all you have is draft positions, I would maybe try swapping his 1.04 and your 1.11 as well as your second round picks, then give up your secound rounder in the first rookie draft

To each his own. There is more than one way to skin a cat…or whatever maxim you prefer.

I would never ‘trade up’ in a dynasty startup. Especially the first round.

If you want to trade up into the 16th round to get that flyer who you love - go for it! The cost to do so is negligible.