Trading Watkins for OBJ

I have Watkins and I’m trying to capitalize on his worth atm
Should I try getting OBJ by giving up Watkins and Diggs?
I already have Hopkins MeCole Scary Terry Josh Gordon as my WRs
RBs are Carson Chubb Fournette Sanders

Do you think that’s a fair trade or a one sided trade?
Thanks guys!

I think its fair, or you are winning it. It honestly depends on if Diggs can turn his season around

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If Diggs has a good week should I offer the trade? Or do you think I’d be okay keeping both Watkins and Diggs?

I think you are giving up a little too much for OBJ honestly.

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So you say stick with them?

With the AB news, you may be able to pivot to Josh Gordon if he has a good week. So Watkins and Gordon for Beckham sounds like a better deal

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What about Carson and Watkins? Would I be giving too much? Would Carson and Gordon be better for OBJ?