Trading wentz for depth

So someone wants Carson Wentz from me and I am debating the following offer
my Wentz for his Tevin Coleman and Christian Kirk

QB: Cousins, Wentz
RB: Carson, Fournette, Brieda, AP, Mattison (future handcuff)
WR: Boyd, Lockett, Dionte Johnson, Cooks
TE: Hockenson
K: Gould
D/ST: Saints

What do yall think? i am pretty content to stream QBs for the best matchup which is why i dont care about losing wentz. I just need WR depth. He already said he would accept so let me know if I can make this move in yalls eyes

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Is this team coming up on your schedule and are you on the playoff bubble? Are they desperate for a QB? Wentz has a killer schedule coming up, I wouldnt be trading him away to someone that’s coming up on my schedule but you definitely need depth at both of those positions and id call it a fair trade.

i am on the playoff bubble if I win out. I play the team I would be trading him to the last week of the season. What do you think? also keep in mind that he has dalvin cook and I already have mattison as his handcuff.

I dropped Kirk because his bye is coming up and hes got a really tough schedule so I personally don’t like him ROS. I dont know your league but in mine there are WRs on the wire that can fill the role if needed. Coleman has been disappointing lately so I personally dont like the trade if it were my league. Maybe ask for a better WR?

what about if I asked for scary terry instead of kirk?

also could potentially receive edelman for Wentz

if you could get Edelman then yes.

I would do the trade, especially if you can get Edelman. I’ve read how great Wentz’s upcoming schedule is, but I think he’s being overvalued. This week he plays NE and Week 16 he plays Dallas and is basically unplayable both weeks. Weeks 12-15, when he has his best remaining matchups, my model has him projected to be the QB13, with his best week coming Week 13 when he plays Miami and projects to be the QB6. So he’s playable those weeks for sure but not as good as I think most people perceive. So I think it’s definitely a good idea to take advantage of that and get some trade value, and Coleman and a starting WR are great value for a borderline QB 1 IMO.

My full QB model is below for reference. If it helps you can see all my streaming models (QB, TE, DST) in my Week 11 streaming post here. Comments and feedback welcome. Good luck!