Trading Wentz?

Would it be acceptable to trade him with his playoff schedule?

Im being offered Tevin Coleman and Christian Kirk/ Scary Terry for Wentz and I currently have Kirk Cousins.

My WRs are a little weak because I only have Lockett and Boyd (Brandin Cooks also but he is hurt) Also my RBs are Fournette, Carson, Brieda, Mattison (handcuff for later). I have also been offered a combo of scary terry and Kirk

let me know what yall think as this could potentially make or break my season

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wentz has a good schedule. is there no one on waivers? like foles? Brissett? or anyone else decent? I love the value of trading away a QB to get coleman especially with Breida down as terry

Brissett is on waivers. I would say that I kinda need a better WR and kirk and Mclaurin make that worth it

if your comfortable with brisset in the playoffs then pull the trigger. its not like wentz has been great anyway

You should press accept as fast as you can IMO. Wentz is only QB14 on the year, and my model has him projected to be QB24 rest of season and QB18 through the playoffs. In general, getting a startable RB and WR for a QB that is not a solid top-10 option is a good deal.

My full QB model is below for reference and should be able to help you find a replacement. You can see my models for TEs and DSTs as well in my Week 11 streaming post here if you’re interested. Comments and feedback are welcome. Good luck!

you are a god that is such a good model I am using that rest of season. Thanks for the advice!

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Awesome, I’m glad it helped! Be sure to watch for my streaming post each week as I update the models to incorporate each week’s results. I usually post it Tuesday afternoon, but sometimes it gets out Tuesday morning. Thanks!