Trading with the Barkley owner

He had Engram and Hooper he is pretty weak at RB now with just Jacobs R.Freeman and Hyde
I’m looking to trade him Carson and McLaurin or Hardman for Engram…

I already have Andrews but could look to capitalize on him needing an RB then trading Andrews away for another RB possibly

Thats a lot of moving parts. I wouldn’t do it until you have a verbal offer in place for Andrews. You don’t want to trade away Carson and be stuck with 2 TEs and 1 less RB2.
Unless you can flip Andrews for an RB2 and you have that in place, I would not make this deal

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Would u do Carson and Gordon for Engram or would I be giving too much for him?

I think Carson for Engram is too much straight up.
Is there a reason you feel you need Engram over Andrews at the expense of a RB2 or RB2+?

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